Work Package 1

Project management & technical coordination

Leading Partner: Sciences Po

Project Management & technical Coordination comprises the main management and reporting tasks related to the project and its successful implementation. lt will also entail structural change planning activities, in the form of technical coordination, to be ensured through the production of guidelines, templates, and appropriate forums for self-reflexivity and experience sharing (an online Community of practices; experience exchange workshops, Consortium board and Project management team meetings etc.).

Description of work

1. Project management concept & planning (M1-2): detailed work plan per WP, review and concept of the major milestones of the project. Planning of the major meetings and conferences. General concept of the annual reports and expected contribution from partner organizations.

2. Project management team set up & start up conference (M1-3): setting up the project management structure, including the Project management team, the Consortium board and the Advisory committee (first meetings), and simultaneously launching the project through the organization of the start-up Conference, open to the large public. Reporting about the start-up conference.

3. Project management team & Consortium board meetings organization (M3-44) Communication previous to the organization of PMT and CB meetings over the duration of the project. Organizational tasks and support to host institutions. Reporting about the meetings.

4. On-line Community of Practice: AGORA (Achieving Gender equality in the Organization of Research and the Academia) (M3-48). Conception and maintenance of the on-line supporting tool for the community of practices to be set up as part of the project. Organization of on-line experience sharing sessions, reporting about the on-line contents of the CoP.

5. Gender Equality Action Plans & implementation follow-up (M3-48). This task is core to WP1. The coordinating institution will continuously monitor the implementation of ratified Gender Equality Action Plans, and provide assistance and support wherever it will be needed for a successful implementation of the planned activities. This task includes the annual reports to the EC and the consortium.

6. Project closure and sustainable effects promotion (M44-48). Organization of the final conference and reporting on the latter; Planned post-project activities, including the consolidation of the Community of practice in the longer term and the process of updating for respective Gender Equality Action Plans. Delivery of the final report and other final deliverables. Proposed measures to ensure the sustainability of the projects’ outcomes.