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Since becoming independent in 1995, the institution has developed vigorously, incorporating the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in 2005 and being renamed the Universität Vechta in 2010. The University offers students the opportunity to experience research and science in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere on a campus with modern facilities. The University is yet not organized into faculties and departments but instead offers clusters of research and teaching to which different disciplines and institutes contribute. Areas of emphasis identified in the University’s strategic plan for 2010-2015 include: education and discipline-specific pedagogies, social sciences, social services (social work, gerontology, social services management), regional development/rural areas; landscape ecology; social, political, cultural and economic change. The strategic plan also identifies internationalization, gender equality and the promotion of gender research as integral to and cutting across these areas.

The University sees as one of its central tasks the creation of a framework for integrating gender equality and gender research into everyday institutional practice. In terms of gender equality the focus has been on the promotion of a university without discrimination, the promotion of women’s professional and scientific careers, and on support for work-life balance that allows mothers and fathers to combine work, study and family.

University of Vechta established a Gender Studies Network, to which currently 35 researchers participate and that will coordinates the efforts committed by the different clusters towards the objectives of EGERA, along with other gender equality machineries.

Leader of WP7. University of Vechta will also actively participate in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.

Core team

Sabine Bohne

Dr. Sabine Bohne (SC member), is Coordinator of the Gender Studies Network at UoV since 2012. She represents University of Vechta in several Federal and National Networks on Gender Equality/Gender Studies/Gender Competence in Germany. She gives training on gender and diversity competence, organizes lectures on gender issues and serves as a disseminator for relevant information and activities. She has long experience in EU-projects as a coordinator at University of Osnabrück and as a consortium partner with thematic focus on gender, gendered based violence, and the development of training programmes.

Dr. Marion Rieken, Vice-President for Teaching and Academic Programmes (CB member)

Corinna Onnen

Prof. Dr. Corinna Onnen, since 2007 she is professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at UoV. Her research topics are the sociology of the family, gender and the sociology of medicine and public health. She established gender online courses at virtual university Bavaria and developed and gender training sessions for different target groups, in various universities. She is gender consultant for major groups in technology. Corinna Onnen is also a referee for UoV at GESIS, Köln.

Prof. Dr. Christine Hunner-Kreisel, is professor at the Institute of Social Work at UoV, in the field of Transculturality and Gender since 2012. The intersection of gender with religion as well as gender and migration, especially with its implications for female well-being, is the main interest of her research.

Martina Döhrmann

Prof. Dr. Martina Döhrmann, is professor of Mathematics and its Didactics in the Institute Didactics of Mathematics and General Science since 2010. Her research is specially focused on the development of professional ompetencies of mathematics teachers. She was member of the German project team in the international teacher education study TEDS-M 2008. She is also leader of the Centre for Teacher Training at UoV.

Ann-Kathrin Vaske

Ann-Kathrin Vaske (M.A.), is Gender Equality Commissioner at UoV since 2013. To fulfill gender equality at all levels she supports the university in higher education development planning, structure and staffing decisions, the (further) development, evaluation and updating of the equality plans and programs and the development and implementation of measures to promote women, gender equality and gender mainstreaming.

Susanne Donnerbauer

Susanne Donnerbauer (M.A.), is Coordinator of Work-Study-Life-Balance Programme at UoV since 2011. She is largely responsible in cooperation with the Office for Gender Equality for the planning, coordination and implementation of family support, health-promoting and life- phase oriented university structures and manages the process of certification as “family-friendly University”.

Insa Trenn (M.Sc.), has been awarded a master titel of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover in Environmental Planning and assists the core team member Dr. Sabine Bohne in fulfilling the upcoming tasks within EGERA. She also worked already for the associations of women´s and gender studies institutions in Lower Saxony and is an active member in this Network now.

Sabine Bohne

Dr. Sabine Bohne
e-mail: sabine.bohne@uni-vechta.de