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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is a public institution founded in 1968, and the second largest university in Catalonia. The UAB is based on three campuses in the Barcelona area, which host a major science and technology cluster thanks to the location of advanced level research institutions. The UAB offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses as well as life-long learning programmes. More than 45.000 students (including degree, MA, PhD and postgraduate students) and 7000 workers (including research, teaching and administration staff) compose the academic community. In 2009, the UAB was recognized a Campus of International Excellence. It is one of the five universities in Spain receiving funds to promote their strategic lines, focusing on scientific research, development and innovation by integrating research centres and working for international networking, as well as promoting quality in teaching and in the university environment. As Campus of International Excellence, it has a strong commitment to equal opportunities between men and women. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has 431 recognized research groups of different departments among which 28 are dedicated to gender research or incorporate a research line on gender.

The Observatory for equality, that will be in charge of implementing the Gender Equality Action Plan adopted under EGERA, is part of UAB and was created by the Governing Council of the UAB as a support for the design and evaluation of gender equality policies. It began its activity in 2005, and in 2008 extended its competencies to other disadvantaged groups. Currently, it is notably dedicated to the study and diagnosis of sexism at the university, to the implementation of action aimed at correcting inequalities, and to awareness-rising. It has an extensive experience and  expertise  on  the implementation of GEAPs, and the design of targeted measures to enhance gender equality in research.


WP6 leader. The UAB will also provide relevant expertise under WP2 and WP3.

Core team

Teresa Freixes, Prof. Dr. has been Professor of Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) since 1993 and Professor Jean Monnet of European Constitutional Law since 2003 (ad personam since 2008). She is a Member of the Royal Academy of Doctors and Narcís Monturiol Medal and achieved Distinction Success Stories (World Reference Jean Monnet Chair).

Professional activity at the University and as a legal expert of the European Commission since 1994 (participation in the elaboration of the Amsterdam Treaty, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the European Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty) and of the Council of Europe (Program of Juridical Assistance for the East European Countries to form magistrates and professors and supervise the legislative adaptation process, 1997-99).

Amongst other positionas, she is: a member (representative for Spain) of the “Réseau UE d'experts indépendants en matière de droits fondamentaux” (2002-2006) of the European Commission; a Senior Expert of FRALEX and FRANET (Fundamental Rights Agency, Legal Experts Group) - Director of the Spanish team since November 2007; Director of the Joint European Masters: “Law and Policies of European Integration: European Constitutional Law and multilevel constitutionalism” – official title in Spain, France, Italy and Poland, adapted to Bologna.

Carolina Gala is a professor of Labour and Social Security Law in the Faculty of Law at Universitat Autònoma de barcelona. She has been Director of the UAB Observatory for Equality and is currently a member of the research group Women and Rights at UAB. Among other lines of research, she investigates on work-life balance, gender-based violence, workplace harassment, wage discrimination, corporate social responsibility and equality polices. She has managed and participated in research projects on gender-based violence, wage discrimination, work-life balance and regional policies about equality.

Bettina Steible is a researcher and teaching assistant in constitutional law at the Faculty of Law since February 2013. She is currently a PhD candidate in European constitutional law at the UAB, under the direction of Prof. Teresa Freixes. She has participated in serveral research projects and published some articles and book chapters. Her research interests include gender issues, human rights law, EU law,constitutional law, and international law.

Laura Duarte

Laura Duarte, PhD., is research assistant at the Observatory for Gender Equality. She has primary areas of specialization on gender inequality in the academia, in the elaboration of statistics on women situation at the university and in the design and evaluation to action plans aimed to improve the gender inequality. She has conducted research projects and published academic papers on women in science, the introduction of a gender perspective in research, and family and work conciliation at the university.

Maria Prat, PhD., senior Lecturer in Faculty of Education at the Department of Physical Education, Arts and Music. Her areas of expertise cover teachers' training and Didactics. She has been involved in research projects in gender perspective in Physical Education and Sports, and also in Education Master and equity and values at the same area. She has published papers and didactic materials in educational contexts.

Georgeta Ion

Dr. Georgeta Ion is associate professor at the Department of Applied Pedagogy (UAB). Her areas of expertise cover teachers’ training and students’ evaluation. She has been involved in the design of training programmes and the elaboration of a variety of didactic materials (Handbooks, Quality assurance guidelines, on-line courses).

Dr. Begonya Sáez is a lecturer at the Faculty of philosophy of the UAB. Anchored in post-structuralism, gender and queer studies, her research draws upon the notion of border as a tool for the ontological, aesthetical, and ethical critique of binary thought and practices with respect to body identity, notably.

Maribel Ponferrada

Dr. Maribel Ponferrada is a research assistant at the Observatory for Gender Equality. She is anthropologist, researcher at Center of Studies and Research on Migrations at UAB and associated professor of Anthropology and Feminism at UB. She has participated in international and national research projects about academic trajectories of immigrant youth with a comparative perspective and the impact of experiences in the identities of immigrant and working class girls.

Maribel Ponferrada

Maribel Ponferrada
Technique of the EGERA project