Media coverage

21.06.2016 - 11:06 am

Invitation to RRI Tools

The document of "Good practices of Gender Sensitive Research Guidelines and Information Sheet" has been included in the European project Responsible...

17.05.2016 - 07:58 pm

An EGERA seminar

On May 16, 2016 a training in communication skills took part in CzechGlobe. The training was open to all the CzechGlobe employees and presented...

19.06.2015 - 09:22 am

Sciences Po was selected by UN Women as one of the 10 university champions in the

This achievement is much linked to the commitment taken through the EGERA Gender Equality Action Plan. Selected Heads of State include...

20.02.2015 - 10:47 am

Plus de genre, plus d’égalité 3 questions à M. Forest, EGERA

Pionnière sur la réflexion sur le genre avec PRESAGE, le Programme de Recherche et d’Enseignement des SAvoirs sur le GEnre (OFCE), Sciences Po...

09.01.2015 - 02:44 pm

EGERA meets GenderTime

María Isabel Ponferrada from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona presented EGERA at the fifth project meeting of GenderTime in Bilbao, Spain

20.11.2014 - 04:14 pm

Libération, 26th of March 2014

Libération dedicated a full page to EGERA, on the occasion of the kick-off conference, drawing attention on the EU policy to foster gender equality in...

20.11.2014 - 03:52 pm

Le Figaro, 20th of March 2014

Although it regularly reports about critiques against the dissemination of the alleged “gender theory”, especially in the field of education, Le...