Call for papers: INVESTIGACIONES FEMINISTAS, Monograph Issue 8 (2016)

Gender (in)equality in academia: present challenges and future opportunities Coordinators: Paloma de Villota Gil-Escoin, Department of Applied Economy, Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, UCM; and Susana Vázquez Cupeiro, Department of Sociology VI, Faculty of Education, UCM. This call for papers seeks manuscripts that address the persistence of gender inequalities as well as the emerging challenges and future opportunities in European academia, to be published in the journal Investigaciones Feministas in autumn 2016. The journal has been recently included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) of Thomson Reuters and is working to increase its quality and international visibility. The current context of reform and transformation in which the academic world is embedded is certainly having consequences for the production and reproduction of gender inequalities. Commodification processes, the reduction of public resources, job insecurity and precariousness have been exacerbated by the financial crisis, especially in southern European countries where reforms have brought significant austerity measures. The fact that job opportunities have been reduced, which means more part-time jobs and less tenure positions, it is not only hindering the career advancement of new generations, especially of academic women, but also poses new challenges. Consequently, we believe that it is an ideal time not only to assess the advancement of gender equality in academia but also to re-examine present challenges and future opportunities. Papers are invited from a range of perspectives that address themes including: Effects of the New Public Management practices in the production and reproduction of gender inequalities. Prevailing (formal and informal) obstacles: institutional and epistemological. Coping strategies to overcome obstacles. Women in top decision making positions. Social representations of women scientists. Policy regulation to advance gender equality in academia and science. Submission instructions: The Special Issue welcomes national and international contributions of academics and researchers both already renowned and starting their professional careers. Consequently, articles in English and Spanish will be accepted. Submissions should be original works that are not previously published or currently under consideration by another journal or edited collections. Submission of a full draft does not guarantee acceptance. Details for the authors can be found at Articles should be sent to be peer reviewed by 15th June 2016. Authors will be notified if they have been selected for inclusion by 15th September 2016 Any enquiries regarding the Special Issue should be addressed to: Susana Vázquez Cupeiro, Departament of Sociology VI, Faculty of Education, UCM.

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