Workshop on Intersecting Inequalities, 14th of May 2015

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This workshop organized with the collaboration of Middle East Technical University (METU) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) EGERA teams, will feature María Jesús Izquierdo from UAB as the keynote speaker. She will be speaking on ‘Intersecting Inequalities’. ‘Political intersectionality: types of factors and access into the political, juridical and social movement agenda’ is the topic of the intervention by the second speaker, Marta Cruells from UAB. The Scientific Coordinator of EGERA, Maxime Forest from Sciences Po will provide the response to the two speakers. In the following part of the workshop, Fatma Umut Bespinar and Ayse Idil Aybars from METU-EGERA team will contribute analysis and thoughts on interrelated and interacting inequalities in the academic environment. The session will be open to discussion by the participants. Inequalities which must be analyzed from different inequalities interrelated and continuously interacting and shaped by each other will be discussed in the session which will be moderated by. We hope that the workshop will serve to further the understanding of ‘gender+’ inequalities in the academic environment and implementation of EGERA goals in the partner institutions.

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