EGERA meets GenderTime - part 2


On 13 January, 2015 our German EGERA partner Sabine Bohne met Jennifer Dahmen and Susanne Achterberg from Bergisch Universität Wuppertal who are representatives of Germany in EGERA's sister project “GenderTime". It was the second meeting for strengthening the national cooperation of German partners involved in EC projects aiming on structural change in academia. During the meeting they also talked to Christel Hornstein, Officer for Gender Equality and Transfer Agent within GenderTime. Susanne Achterberg, Sabine Bohne and Jennifer Dahmen planned together a workshop on „Potential of EC-projects for gender equality policy and gender research“, which is part oft he 13th Working Meeting of the Conference of Institutions for Women’s and Gender Studies in the German speaking Area (KEG). The meeting will take place from 12 to 13 February, 2015 at the University of Bielefeld (Germany).

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