A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium, 22-24 August 2016, at Sigtunastiftelsen, Sweden.

22.08.2016 - 24.08.2016

Location: Sigtunastiftelsen, Sweden


The resurgence of geo-politics and a “New Cold War” has brought foreign policy formation to the fore, including its social, cultural and gendered underpinnings. While offensive security doctrines traditionally have been strongly associated with masculinity, defensive positions are less obviously gendered. How is neutrality gendered? In what way have neutrality and nonalignment affected representations of gender and national security? What is the role of culture and imagination as individuals and social groups identify with neutrality? The symposium Gendering Neutrality will discuss gender relations and the foreign policy doctrines of Europe’s neutral counties. Contemporary and historical experiences of neutrality/nonalignment will be widely addressed, including global, national and local aspects. The aim of the symposium is to map existing research, generate novel ideas and identify critical areas of investigation and possible research ventures. Gendering Neutrality has an intersectional approach and recognizes that gender is intertwined with other social structures such as race/ethnicity, sexuality and class. The symposium will conceptualize foreign policy as a gendered discourse that manifests itself on diverse arenas, ranging from individual practices, to policy formation and national narratives, as well as military strategy and violence. We particularly invite scholars working on Europe’s traditionally neutral countries – Austria, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland. Examinations of high politics, as well as everyday experiences and knowledges, and artistic and cultural interventions are appreciated. Feminist and gender scholars working in the fields of history, cultural studies, ethnography, international relations, political science, gender/ women’s studies, and media studies are encouraged to submit an abstract.

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