Summer School: Gender Equality and Quality of Life. Policy-making in times of new gender regimes

30.10.2015 - 04.11.2015

Location: Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University, Poland


The summer school focuses on exploring the relations between gender equality and quality of life. Studies of gender equality impact on quality of life are not conclusive – we cannot assume linear and unidirectional relation between gender equality and quality of life. This relation is shaped by cultural and institutional context in each country and the individual strategies adopted by the citizens. During this summer school we will try to explore the relation between as well as develop a policy recommendation and policy toolkits for policy-makers, both in Poland and Norway. The summer school consists of lectures, roundtables and workshops, which will introduce intersectional perspective on gender equality and quality of life. It will provide current research and debates as a basis for challenging discussion related to the following topics: · Gender regimes and economic constraints of neoliberalism · Gendered Violence · Men and gender equality · Women's movement and activism · Inequalities, intersectionality and quality of life The participants will explore various dimensions of gender equality in different context, discuss case studies related to each area and learn how to develop tools for critical assessment of gender equality policies. Detailed programme of summer school will be available later.

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