International Conference Gender, Culture & Migration 2015

06.03.2015 - 07.03.2015

Location: University of Gdansk, Poland


This conference is an annual event organized under the main theme of Woman in culture that brings together researchers from multiple disciplines (psychology, sociology, gender studies) along with gender equality practitioners and policy makers, to consider how gender issues are represented worldwide. The goal of the meeting is to analyse how the content of gender roles and egalitarian norms vary across cultures and which cultural and contextual factors lead to support gender equality. The focal questions of the conference concern the following issues: How can social change in values and attitudes toward gender equality be fostered? What is the role of culture in forming gender equality within couples, families, organizations and societies as a whole? And finally, how can we investigate the mutual influences of individual motivations and cultural change, when individuals/couples migrate to more egalitarian countries than their home country?

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