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Centrum Vyzkumu Globalni Zmeny AV CR (CVGZ), is a part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It was established in January 2011 in response to a strong societal demand on solving the issues associated with global climate change and to perform international commitments the Czech Republic adopted in this area. In its work, CVGZ builds on a nearly 20-year-long tradition of research on global climate change carried out by the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The principal activity of CVGZ is comprehensive scientific research on climate change impacts on the atmosphere, terrestrial biota and human society. To meet these objectives, CVGZ uses the most powerful tools available, including an interdisciplinary approach, the infrastructure of several national and international monitoring and measurement networks and the development of new techniques and procedures. It produces, processes and disseminates scientific publications, journals, textbooks, etc., provides scientific reviews, expert opinions and advices, consulting and advisory services. In cooperation with universities, it provides Ph.D. studies and education of research scientists. As a part of its activities, CVGZ promotes international cooperation, including the organization of joint research in the framework of international research infrastructures and networks, exchange of scientists, and scientific information and preparation of joint publications.

The institute consists of 17 research teams grouped into 5 divisions (Division of Climate Analysis and Modeling, Division of Ecosystems Analysis, Division of Impact Studies and Physiological Analyses, Division of Human Dimensions of Global Change Impact and the Division of Innovation and Adaptation Techniques). The research teams are supported by a sufficiently large operating sector and a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of international experts. The activities of CVGZ are overseen by the Institute and  Supervisory  Boards.  In  total,  it  employs  214  persons,  out  of  which  78  are  expert  scientists.

Currently, there are no incorporated complex gender policy measures. However, the top management of the institution is firmly committed with designing and implementing structural changes to effectively take in, retain and promote women scientists, and embracing a gender sensitive agenda. Besides, the Czech Academy of Science officially endorses the goals and methodology of EGERA, for which CVGZ will operate as a pioneering structure. The commitment of the Academy as a whole is evidenced by the supply of gender expertise provided to CVGZ by the Gender Dept. of the Institute of Sociology.

Due to its lack of expertise, CVGZ will not lead any WP, but will actively participate to WP1-7, and benefit from experience-exchange and mutual learning with other partner institutions.

Core team

Jiři Kolman

Jiří Kolman, M.A. (CB member) is the Scientific Secretary of CVGZ (AV ČR) since 2012. Previously, he served  as  a  representative  of  the  South  Moravian  Region  (CZ)  to  the  EU  in  Brussels,  with  a specialization in the management of EU funds (structural funds, FP7 and other EC funds). He will act as the representative of the Management Board in EGERA.

Marcela Linkova

Marcela Linková, M.A., researcher, gender expert Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, National Contact Centre for Women and Science, Member of the Helsinki  Group Women in science. She will be hired by CVGZ to work on EGERA. She is a trained sociologist with a major on gender, she participated in several EU funded projects, including Knowing, Institutions, Gender: an East-West Comparative Study (FP6) and Women and Youth in Science (FP6). She published a considerable amount of contributions on the issues of women and gender in scientific research in Central and Eastern Europe, in the form of monographs, book chapters, article in peer-reviewed journals and research reports.

Alice Dvorská, PhD., Head of Division of Ecosystems Analysis, CVGZ. A junior researcher,  her research interest is multidisciplinary, including chemistry, biology, meteorology and climatology). Her current research focuses on the evaluation of measurement data (concentrations of various atmospheric pollutants, e.g. mercury; CO2 fluxes). She has been involved in the design of the GEAP already in the proposal phase and will coordinate actions related to gender in research contents.

Hana Víznerová, M.A., sociologist, gender expert, Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, National Contact Centre for Women and Science. She is specialized in cultural and institutional (structural) change in research and gender training. She is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the cultural and institutional change approach at national level and international levels. She is a coordinator of national network KLUB NKC and member of genderSTE.


Centrum Vyzkumu Globalni Zmeny AV CR v.v.i.
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